Ladies' Day

10th to 12th February 2022

With a cast full of familiar Richings faces, “Ladies’ Day” was an exuberant comedy about four likely lasses from the Hull fish docks on a day trip to the races, from the author of “Be My Baby”. With its Yorkshire heart and soul it brought all the warmth of a “Calendar Girls” or a “Full Monty” to Iver Village Hall on three cold February nights.


"Work, love and life are just one long, hard slog for the fish-filleting foursome Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda. But their fortunes are set to change when Linda finds tickets to Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot the year it relocated to York. Out go the hairnets, overalls and wellies as the four ditch work, do themselves up to the nines and head off to the races for a drink, a flirt and a flutter. If their luck holds, they could hit the jackpot - and more besides..."


Director Adrian said in opening the show:

“When our four fish packing lasses from Hull put on their posh Ascot outfits for Ladies’ Day races at York, rest assured there will be no smell of fish or horses in Iver Village Hall. Instead share their laughter and tears as they discuss their teas, their hopes and their men. Oh and there are the six blokes who add to our enjoyment, altogether creating memorable characters - all that and Tony Christie. Sha-la-la...”

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Pippa Vinall.jpg

Assistant Director

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Ley Dobson.JPG
Phoebe Pearson-Hall.JPG

Rachel Lewis

Evelyn Stafford-Allen

Phoebe Pearson-Hall

Ley Dobson
Shelley aka Sahara

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Michael Lucas.JPG
Tim Chalklen.png

David Bainbridge
The Supervisor

Michael Lucas
Ticket Tout

Tim Chalklen
The TV Pundit

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Howard Gibbs.jpg

Patricia O'Brien
The Jockey

Liam Tebbit
The Gambler

Howard Gibss
The Bookie

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Set Design - Richard Evans and Robin Bishop

Scenic Design - Charlotte McLeish and Sue McCoan

Sound - Robin Bishop

Lighting - Les Brewer

Stage Manager - Richard Evans

Stage Crew - Haydn Parnell, Archie Copas and Wayne Kennedy with assistance from the cast

Set Construction - Members of the Society

Costumes - Joan Gibbs and Members of the Cast

Hair & Make Up Design - Members of the Cast

Properties - Richard Evans

Front of House & Refreshments - Maddy Swart and Members of the Society

Box Office - Paul & Lis Dunham and Helen Baker

Photography - Ley Dobson (headshots) and Mandy Gasson (rehearsal photos)

Poster Design, Programme & Publicity - Will Torrent